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Why I don't get a login?

If you have requested login but haven't got one, that may occur from one (or more) of the following reasons:

1. You may not have received login due to not having  the minimum Silver Level support contract, 
    Bronze coverage/Hardware Warranty does not entitle you to the Support Web.
    Expired support contract may also result in rejection of a web login request.

2. You must use a company related domain and (not Gmail, AOL, etc.), because we need to associate
    the email with the entity you represent.

3. You should check your spam/junk email folder if they were approved and have not received login credentials.

4. If you are an end user, you may not receive login access if you have purchased Partner Assisted Support.
    In this case you must contact your partner for his specific needs, and if your partner can’t satisfy you, 
    he must escalate to us and then we may work with the you directly.

5. In case you have purchased rebranded HP or IBM serialized equipment via the OEM channel, all requests 
    must be directed to the OEM partner and not with Mellanox.


For further information please contact .