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Professional Service Overview

Mellanox Global Professional Service (GPS) provides immediate business benefits helping to ensure rapid adoption and maximum utilization of high performance computing and data center solutions. Corporate IT managers know the challenges of introducing new technology to their networks. Mellanox’s consultants and engineers bring substantial expertise in fabric design, configuration and deployment as well as in application communications and tuning allowing you to leverage Mellanox solutions to get the most out of your application infrastructure.

Mellanox’s GPS consultants and engineers are experts in Mellanox products, InfiniBand technology, application performance tuning, and protocol stacks such as MPI, TCP/IP, RDMA, and Storage.  Mellanox has led the Open Source communities for InfiniBand, RDMA, MPI and iSCSI implementation since its inception. This experience can save time and money and help you to maximize the return on your investments by ensuring the most efficient solution. 


GPS consultants & engineers will help to fine tune fabric traffic and have the ability to look at application communication patterns in order to maximize your network’s efficiency. Through a thorough and systematic analysis of networking requirements, you will know that you are getting the most performance possible out of the deployed application infrastructure.

Knowledge Transfer

GPS personnel will transfer essential knowledge about Mellanox’s products and best practices for deployment. GPS personnel will transfer critical product knowledge to the customer’s staff, so they can be effectively self-supporting in their environments.
Installation Services
Professional services packages have been designed to ensure the Mellanox solution is deployed rapidly and efficiently.  We offer packages that deliver a full turnkey installation that covers everything from unpacking to benchmarking with a final check on the health of the fabric itself.  These services are also available a la carte in order to augment existing deployment plans.

Applications Engineering
Mellanox Global Professional Services offers highly skilled engineers that are trained and experienced in optimizing application infrastructure performance.  Performance criteria will be set in consultation with GPS consultants in order to define benchmarks that are tailored to the specific environment and applications. Mellanox’s experience in RDMA, applications acceleration, and MPI can bring unmatched performance to your solution.

  • Custom assistance based upon customer’s unique requirements
  • Direct access to Mellanox’s experts
  • Full ROI on investments through efficient implementation
  • Knowledge transfer to your internal resources
  • Augment in-house development teams

    Professional Services Packages

QuickStart Installation Remote
Provides expert resources to assist in bringing up the cluster.  A GPS engineer will validate your Mellanox switch software and perform a fabric health check ensuring that your cluster is operational and error free.  Upon completion of the health check, a review of cluster best practices will be delivered to the customer’s staff.

QuickStart Installation On-Site
Provides all the elements of the QuickStart program with the addition of an on-site engineer.  This is ideal for those with secure operations, or customers who prefer the on-site approach to assistance.

Network Installation On-Site
Provides expert resources to perform the full installation with a custom plan for delivering on crucial installation tasks and requirements.  This service built by selecting from our standard deployment services, including everything from full hardware and software installation and cabling to fabric cleaning and benchmark testing.  As the installation is successfully concluded, full cluster documentation and technical knowledge transfer will occur for the customer’s administrators.  Network Installation On-Site managed with a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) to deliver on specific requirements ensuring the Mellanox solution is fully integrated and customer needs are fully met upon completion of the service.

Applications Engineering
Delivers customized results through an RFQ requirements response process.  This product is designed to address the highest level engineering and deployment requirements. Mellanox Support and Applications Engineers have expertise in many technologies and HPC applications.  Through an RFQ process, Mellanox Global Professional Services will develop a custom SOW to meet all requirements.  Projects can range from days to months and can be delivered remotely, onsite or even with access to Mellanox’s engineering labs.

Performance optimization of Linpack benchmark results or other home-grown applications that use solutions ranging from Oracle implementations to Mellanox’s Multicast Engines (MCE) and Messaging Service (VMS), our low-latency messaging transports, are a few of our most requested environments. Mellanox’s extensive involvement in various Open Source projects including the InfiniBand OFED drivers,  OpenMPI and iSER are often leveraged to deliver a fully production level high performance computing environment.